then draw on this account to host family websites.  The assets maintain their real value over time, growing to match inflation.  Since Delaware allows trusts with indefinite terms, this funding is likely to continue in perpetuity.  The trust is managed by an individual known as the Archivist, who is selected in turn by trustees representing the participating families.

If you have questions about Arkhold, see the About Arkhold page, or call (541) 745-5169 (in Oregon).

Click here if you are a member of a participating family.

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This page last edited on 5/3/14
Arkhold is a Delaware trust set up to fund the maintenance costs of personal websites created by members of its participating families.  Arkhold's mission is to preserve for as long as possible the writings, artwork, music, and selected photographs of these families.

Assets contributed by participating families to the trust are invested in mutual funds.  Dividends from these stock funds pay into a bank account, and  website  hosting   companies